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SoulGen AI is an innovative AI art generator that turns your text into images which are stunning and looks real, including NSFW content, with just a few clicks. This platform is your go to for crafting high quality characters, fantasy scenes, and portraits effortlessly.

SoulGen’s unique feature lets you shape your dream character by choosing specific traits like body type, clothing, and hair, and you can even guide the AI to create images resembling someone from a photo you upload. With added functionalities such as “edit image” and “extend image,” the possibilities to modify and enhance your creations are limitless.

205,300,934+ AI generated images
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What is Soulgen AI?

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Soulgen AI is great for many people:

Photo to Anime converter

How Does Soulgen AI work?

ControlNet Lineart Anime

Guide to Generate Art with Soulgen AI:



Create custom AI avatars or apply anime style to your selfies. Transform your photographs into anime-styled Text to Image model that can generate beautiful images of your chosen subject.

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